During the Nationwide Robot Competitions - "ROBO ~ motion", constructors can compete at even 12 contests.

Line Follower

As the first in Poland, we introduce a Line Follower race robots division on two different groups - robots either equipped with turbines or without them. It gives to all competitors a chance to win by blurring the differences between amateur and professional solutions. We also propose the emotive obstacle course - obstacle on the route, crossroads, reversed colors, sudden gaps... these are the impediments our contestants will have to face.

All categories of sumo robots

Laidies and gentelmen, you're going to be about to witness the robot contests, starting with those smallest fighters having enough room in the cube with edge length of 2,5 cm and barely weighing 25 grams to real beasts weighing even 3 kgs, 20-cms-long on each site. The first robot that will force the opponent out of the ring, wins!


A mouse in the labyrinth has to think for a while to find the right path to the target. You will see with your own eyes, a complex labyrinth-researching algorithm robot battle. The shortest arrival time counts! To do that, robot has to choose the best path for itself - maybe the fastest, maybe the shortest?


The constructors has unrestricted field in here. We believe that those will be advanced and ingenious robots. In this category, walking or flying robots and manipulators can be met.


Nationwide Robot Competitions - "ROBO ~ motion" is a member of Polish Tournament Robotic Union (P.U.R.T). Taking part in competition in Rzeszów, you score a nationwide classification points. There are only 6 such contests in Poland. If you want to fight for the place between the leaders, don't miss the Rzeszów contest. Rules of LF Standard, LF Turbo, Sumo, Minisumo, Microsumo, Nanosumo, Micromouse and Freestyle contests are in line with the rules of Polish Tournament Robotic Union. You are assured that same regulations are applied at Łódź, Warsaw, Opole, Poznań and Gdańsk competitions.

Regulaminy konkurencji zgodnych z PURT
Line Follower Standard (robots without turbines)
Line Follower Turbo (turbine robots)
Regulations of the other contests - not defined in PURT
Line Follower Drag
Line Follower Enhanced
Minisumo Deathmatch

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