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Robot Competitions - "ROBO ~ motion" take place in Rzeszów - the capital of Subcarpathia voivodship. Rzeszów is a town with nearly 200 000 inhabitants, the main academic, cultural and industrial center of Subcarpathia voivodship. Right here, the traditions connects to the modern technologies. In Rzeszów - the capital of The Aviation Valley, the aviation industry and famous for training civil aviation pilots - Rzeszów University of Technology are localized. The Giants of informatics, aviation and pharmaceutical market have their offices.

Rzeszów is also 'the most student' town in Poland! Over 60000 students are educating their selves here, which gives an amount of 353 abecedarians on 1000 inhabitants. This is the highest rate in the whole country! Rzeszów University of Technology has been educating about 17000 students on 27 fields of study.

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